Raclette - Photo credit Rebecca Aimes Photography

What is Raclette?

Raclette is a traditional dish of the European Alps and literally translates to "scrape" from French.  It describes the act of scraping off (or Racletting) the bubbly, lightly browned layer of molten cheese that has been slowly broiling underneath the Raclette Grill.  The fragrant, savoury cheese is layered on top of boiled potatoes, sprinkled with salt & pepper and accompanied with cornichons.   

ULI'S RACLETTE offers a regional twist with our cheese being made by owner Alexander Kast in partnership with Chapel Hill Creamery.  The accompaniments are customizable, so if you prefer sweet potatoes vs. new potatoes, no problem! Rather offer up pickled Okra and not cornichons? We can make that happen. 

RACLETTE is perfect for many settings.   A festive holiday company party, wedding cocktail hour or the late night go-to to finish an event.   


Lets get started!  Tell us more about your event by filling us in with some of your details at our CONTACT page.