Our Cheese

Our Raclette style cheese is custom made at Chapel HIll Creamery for us by our owner, Alexander Kast.  We have taken the delicious, award winning Hickory Grove cheese and given it a new dimension by converting it into a 15 LB wheel from it's original 4 LB form. 

The cheeses are matured & aged out around four months, getting washed with brine three times a week.  This develops a beautiful, slightly orange hued rind that gives the cheese it's signature aroma & flavor.  


Uli's Raclette is made with milk from the Chapel Hill Creamery herd of Jersey Cows.  Jerseys, originate from the Isle of Jersey, a part of Britain but closer to the coast of Northern France.  They are known for their charming good looks, mild temperament and smaller size.  They also produce milk with a lot of butter fat, which makes them terrific for cheese making! 


Chapel Hill Creamery is a 40 acre dairy farm ten minutes west of downtown Chapel Hill.  It's owned by Portia McKnight & Flo Hawley.  They founded the farm in 2000 and have been a staple within the community ever since.  

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