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Terra Vita Food & Wine Festival - Sustainable Classroom

The Five Tastes: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and Umami

1 pm - The Great Room

Chances are, you can conjure up the five flavors in your food memory instantly. They’re hardwired from birth, after all. The sweet of a whipped cream. The salty satisfaction of a potato chip. The umami flavor bomb of a chicken broth. These form the foundation of cooking. Our classroom participants will share some of their favorite flavors - think amazing local cheeses, chocolates, and wines presented by the only Master Sommelier in the state of NC - and talk about how the end products are then influenced by the way they are grown and harvested, processed and aged to create nuance in the distinctive flavors of each taste. This will be a fun and delicious class with some of our favorite class leaders (attendee favorites, that is, over the last 10 years)!

Confirmed Participants:

- Tom Cuomo with Papa Shogun

- Diane Flynt with Foggy Ridge Orchards

- Alexander Kast with Chapel Hill Creamery

- Max Kast with Broadbent Selections

- Jael Rattigan with French Broad Chocolate Lounge